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I understand that buying or selling a home can be stressful. Time and $ are always short.

You need to know how much you can sell for, what you will have to pay, and what are the comparatives for buying and selling. I can get you this info.

If you are lucky, you can plan your move 4-5 years ahead. If you are normal, life happens and time is shorter. 

Ottawa is an old city, very old in the centre with Parliament Hill and the Chateau Laurier, and getting younger as it moves outward. At the outer edge you can find new modern homes. You may find infill closer to the centre but you may have to weigh price and location with your family needs.

Location and transportation are key factors with schools, universities, and colleges. It is also very good to be close to support, family, friends, back up when you need it. 

Ottawa is joining the big cities with its new Light Rail Transit. This is happening now but won't be ready for a while.

If you would like me to set up a home search for you, please call me or fill out the information on my HOME SEARCH page and send it to me.

The CALCULATORS page may help you work out what mortgage payment you can afford. The rules around mortgages keep changing.  I can help you to find an experienced mortgage broker to advise you and get you the best deal possible. Professional help is always best.

Call me.



Dianne Webb
Sales Representative
613-369-5199 (Office)
613-265-2370 (Dianne direct)


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